Cobalt Damascene

The electrical properties of Tungsten (W) are
fast approaching their limitation at the sub-10nm
technology node in the semiconductor industry.
Cobalt (Co) is a very strong candidate for the
replacement of W and electrodeposition is the
method of choice.

The Co electroplating process requires a very
accurate and reliable control of the key ingredients
in the plating solution. The Quali-Line QUANTÅ is
ECI’s state-of-the-art analyzer designed to monitor
Co electroplating solutions with a low cost and
high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.
ECI designed the Quali-Line QUANTÅ to be
a comprehensive and fast chemical metrology
analyzer, seamlessly integrated with Cobalt plating
tools for both high volume production and cutting edge
process development.

Quali-Line QUANTÅ delivers:

  • Specially developed CVS applications
  • Customized analyses of other bath components
  • and their properties
  • Ease of use with smart-E software
  • Low CoC

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