PAN (Phosphoric-Acetic-Nitric) Etch

QUALISURF QSF-600 is formulated to address the PAN (Phosphoric - Acetic - Nitric acid) Etch and W (Tungsten) Etch processes used in Middle/Back End of Line (MOL/BEOL) processes of 3D NAND manufacturing.

Get better utilization of your existing equipment by connecting QUALI-SURF to multiple tools and chemistries!
  • Supports Multiple Chemistries and Process Tools
  • Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Precise Control of the Most Demanding Specs
  • Customized Metrology Proprietary Applications
  • Maximizes Up-Time and Reliability
  • Monitors Impact of Incoming Raw Material Variations
  • Analyzer Health Monitor Keeps Track of System Performance
  • Controls Advanced Cleaning Chemistries with Multiple Species
  • Rapid Conversion from R&D to HVM
  • Maintains Process Control Using Advanced SPC Capabilities
  • The Lowest CoO with the Highest Operational Convenience
  • Enables Chemical Vendors to Provide Metrology for Their Chemistries
  • Option - Benchtop analyzer for labs

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