Quali-Fill LIBRA "A" Series

As production technologies continue to advance, IC Substrate and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers are faced with tighter plating specifications and ramped up demand. ECI's LIBRA "A" series Chemical Management Systems are designed to address these challenges in cutting edge, high volume manufacturing applications. Using this online system, producers of IC Substrates and PCBs can provide optimal plating conditions, reducing the potential for voids and operator error, while significantly improving cost-of-ownership (CoO), and reliability. 

Qualified for High Volume Manufacturing!

LIBRA "A" series systems offer turnkey solutions for monitoring and control of:
  • Wet processes for Desmear and PTH cleaning
  • Copper interconnect plating process
  • Final finish for under bump or landing pads, e.g. e-less Ni-Pd-Au

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