Quali-Line 7500E

The QUALI-LINE® QLC-7500E is the latest generation of ECI’s On-Line, Chemical Monitoring Systems (CMS). QLC-7500E was designed to provide analysis capabilities for Front-End plating applications in R&D and high volume manufacturing fabs. The analytical techniques incorporated in QLC-7500E provide complete chemical metrology solutions to the tightest specifications necessary for today and tomorrow's technology nodes.
ECI’s 25+ years of experience and leadership in plating bath analysis are captured in the new design.

QLC-7500E incorporates CVS Express™, other non-reagent electrochemical techniques, and spectroscopy to meet the stringent requirements of accuracy and reproducibility while minimizing Cost of Ownership. This combination allows for reduction of chemical reagents drastically decreases maintenance and waste generation while increasing overall system efficiency and reliability.

QLC-7500E's software platform introduces new analytical techniques, improved algorithms, and extended reporting capabilities.
QLC-7500E features seamless integration with plating tool and an application library containing over 200 Copper Chemistries.

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