Quali-Line PRIMA

Copper Damascene processes are critical for fabrication of Interconnects in Semiconductor applications. The Semiconductor industry is challenged by cost, competitive scaling, and yield improvements. Precise and reliable on-line metrology of Cu processes is required for successful and efficient production as the feature sizes of interconnects continue to shrink beyond 10nm.
For over 2 decades, QUALI-LINE® Chemical monitoring systems have been the industry standard for Analysis and Control of Copper Damascene
Processes. The QUALI-LINE PRIMÅ, the next generation, incorporates the latest improvements in design, features, performance, and expanded capabilities:
  • Automatic Standard Generation (ASG), validation and calibration
  • Analyzer Health Monitor prompts for maintenance when necessary
  • Bath Health Monitor For by-product, contamination, and yield monitoring/control
  • Latest software, hardware and optimized delivery system

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