Quali-Surf PV

When you select In-process analysis equipment for a critical manufacturing step, you need confidence in your results and follow-up actions.
ECI’s expertise and unparalleled experience combining multi-disciplinary analytical techniques for accurate and efficient in-process analysis is the reason for our proven leadership.
Texturing and other wet solutions are constantly changing.  Analysis by Titration or other wet methods is accurate but time consuming and requires expensive reagents.  Non-reagent Spectroscopic techniques can be used to control the process much more efficiently with no cost per analysis.  However, Texturing, Cleaning and Etch processes use highly concentrated solutions and generate particles and byproducts known to interfere with spectral analysis.  By using the most advanced spectroscopic cell design on the market, combined with ECI's automated validation module, the QualiSurf PV combines both approaches thus enabling the most stable, and accurate real-time measurement of your Texturing bath.
Before QualiSurf PV, thousands of wafers would be manufactured under uncertain conditions between lab analyses.  With QualiSurf PV, you can be confident that your Texturing bath is accurately monitored.

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