Quali-Surf Wet Process Series

QualiSurf® is a real-time NIR analyzer for precise monitoring of multiple-component chemistries. The QualiSurf enables users to maintain the concentrations and ratios of chemical components in wet processing solutions, preventing costly yield losses due to non-optimal chemistry. The same hardware can support numerous challenging applications by using various analytical models, such as: SC1, SC2, SPM, BOE, DHF, Silicon Nitride Etch, DSP+, ST-250, CMP slurries, KOH/IPA, HF/HNO3 and many other chemical mixtures used in the Semiconductor, FPD, LED and Solar industries. The analyzer provides instantaneous results which can be transmitted via closed-loop feedback to any single wafer or batch type cleaning tool, to maintain consistent concentrations and etch rates.

QualiSurf's flow-through analytical cell is integrated into the solution piping, eliminating cross contamination. Light is transmitted through the solutions and the resulting spectrum is collected by our proprietary detector. A unique ultra-low noise spectrometer combined with ECI's proprietary MVA algorithms allow differentiation of even the slightest concentration change in difficult ambiences such as temperature fluctuations, bubbles, and hot solutions. ECI also designed a high end multiplexer to allow monitoring of up to multiple different channels with a single tool, thus providing significant cost savings for the user.

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