QualiLab-10EZ CVS Analyzer

QualiLab QL-10EZ is an ECI quality benchtop analyzer with multi-sampling turntable. It provides automatic analysis of up to 12 different plating samples in a sequence.

QL-10EZ is a compact, all-in-one analyzer designed especially for busy chemical labs. It has robust, reliable hardware to ensure accurate analysis.

The QL-10EZ now includes an innovative software platform that quantitatively determines organic additives and inorganic components in almost every electroplating solution, whether in a PCB factory or Semiconductor Fab. This software platform was developed to enhance the user's experience and operational capabilities.QL-10EZ provides improved analytical performace of the newest chemistries, reduces analysis and operator time, and introduces new features and functions such as: combination of multiple tasks into one sequence, advanced reporting, and data handling tools including correction coefficients, convenient user interface, and troubleshooting features.

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