QualiLab 5EZ CVS Analyzer

The Qualilab® QL-5EZ is the latestgeneration of CVS instrumentation, with a new software platform capable of quantitative determination of organic additives in almost every electroplating solution.The QL-5EZ can also assay inorganic components. Fully controlled by software, the QL-5EZ performs analyses automatically, prompting the user throughout the procedure as it calculates and reports the active concentration of additives and their components in the bath. ECI’s decades of electroanalytical experience have been programmed into the new software platform, developed to enhance user experience and operational capabilities. QL-5EZ provides improved analytical performance for the newest chemistries, reduces analysis and operator time, and introduces new features and procedures, such as: combining multiple tasks into one sequence, advanced reporting, and data handling tools including correction coefficients, convenient user interface and troubleshooting features.

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