QualiLab CVS Plating Bath Analyzer For R&D labs

QUALILAB QL-100EX is a powerful automated analyzer capable of analyzing up to 12 samples of process solutions. It is used for monitoring the composition of electroplating and electroless deposition solutions. The entire analysis sequence is programmed into automated, user-friendly, efficient procedures to increase accuracy while reducing the analysis time. ECIís decades of experience with all known chemistries make for a very versatile analyzer. The QL-100EX quantitatively determines the most important component concentrations in every known plating solution used by PCB factories, Semiconductor fabs and R&D laboratories.  QL-100EX incorporates the de-facto industry standard, ECI's proprietary CVS (Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping), Titration and Spectroscopy techniques to analyze typical organic and inorganic electroplating components, as well as deliver accurate concentrations of key metals, and secondary and anti-oxidant organic additives critical for the success of electroless deposition process.

Follow this link for the QualiLab configuration and specs form.