QUALISURF QSF-300 is especially designed to support Sigma Anisotropic Etch processes, used in Front End of Line (FEOL) Semiconductor manufacturing processes for Logic and DRAM, including 3D NAND, WLP Si Etch, SiGe, GAA, Via Reveal and more.

For better utilization of your existing equipment, connect QUALI-SURF to multiple tools and chemistries!
  • Supports Multiple Chemistries and Process Tools
  • Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility
  • Precise Control of the Most Demanding Specs
  • Customized Metrology Proprietary Applications
  • Maximizes Up-Time and Reliability
  • Monitors Impact of Incoming Raw Material Variations
  • Analyzer Health Monitor Keeps Track of System Performance
  • Controls Advanced Cleaning Chemistries with Multiple Species
  • Rapid Conversion from R&D to HVM
  • Maintains Process Control Using Advanced SPC Capabilities
  • The Lowest CoO with the Highest Operational Convenience
  • Enables Chemical Vendors to Provide Metrology for Their Chemistries
  • Option - Benchtop analyzer for labs

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